Futa's New Version: The "GIANT" Version

Natacha Mbene & Danielle Andjik - Social Media Managers

5/16/20231 min read

What does the "GIANT" version made of?

This new version brings a lightness to the use of Mobile Money in that it has significantly improved since the birth of the application. You have access to a very welcoming interface, and you will observe all the information about your account on a wide front. In its vision to better satisfy you, Futa has improved many things, including the Sign up process, the "Home" and "My Futa" tabs, and has added a new "FAQ" section.

Sign up

You must understand that linking your account is crucial in using the application. You will notice that more than 1000 Cameroonians trust us and conduct their Mobile Money transactions.


On the "Home" tab, you can now choose to hide your balance to keep it private. Then, swipe the screen to the left to see the balance of your second account. Don't worry; the "Pay" and "Receive" features are still there for your convenience.

My Futa

This is your new transaction history page because it gives you access to all your detailed transactions. Among other things, you have pending transactions, meaning those that have not been completed.


This is a set of relevant frequently asked questions that our users often ask to learn more about the application. It includes questions such as: What is Futa? How does Futa work? Why link my account? What do I gain with Futa? How to contact the Futa team?

Here is the surprise we have reserved for you in recent days to meet your needs. We have presented the main features of this new version of Futa. You can update the application on your phone or simply download it. Furthermore, your promotions are still available in the "Rewards" tab. Feel free to follow us on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay at the forefront of information. Until next time, Champions!