Futa's "Receive" Feature: How Does It Work?

Natacha Mbene & Danielle Andjik - Social Media Managers

4/20/20233 min read

Facilitating financial transactions for Africans and their businesses is Futa's mission. To achieve this, the application currently has two main features: Sending and Receiving money conveniently and securely, all while having fun. Today, we will talk about the "Receive" feature, which allows Futa users to request payments and soon, credit from their loved ones with just a click. Although easy to use, some find it challenging to understand how it really works. So, let's explore it together

Receiving money: What is it exactly?

Receiving money, sometimes called "Payment Request" in other applications like PayPal, is an effective and stylish way to claim funds owed to you or money you need. Whether it's for pocket money, a product you've sold, or a service you've provided, by using the "Receive" feature in the Futa application, you can get paid faster and more securely in just a few clicks. Soon, Cameroonian users of the financial platform will even be able to ask their loved ones to buy credit for them and pay their bills on their behalf.

And how does it work?

Firstly, you need to be a Futa user, meaning you've created an account on the platform and linked your OM (Orange Money) and MOMO (MTN Mobile Money) accounts. Note that the Futa application is currently only available in Cameroon. Assuming you meet these conditions, follow the steps below to use this feature.

  • 1st step:
    Enter your application by entering your Futa password. The homepage of your account will appear.

  • 2nd step:
    Press the "Receive" button, which will guide you to a form.

  • 3rd step:
    Fill it out by entering all the necessary information: the amount to receive, the sender's name, and a note to explain the reason for your request.

  • 4th step:
    Select the account on which you want to receive this money (if you have multiple accounts). If you want to add withdrawal fees to your request, activate the "Add withdrawal fees?" button. Futa will automatically calculate the amount required to withdraw this sum from the OM or MOMO agent, as well as the total amount you will receive.

  • 5th step:
    Validate the transaction by pressing the "Confirm" button.

  • 6th step:
    Share your payment link with your sender through available channels on your phone, such as WhatsApp, Facebook... This option requires an internet connection, as these messaging platforms only work online. You can also have your sender scan your QR code if they are nearby, and you won't need the internet.

That's not all

In addition to being easy to use, what makes this feature even more convenient is that your sender doesn't need to be a Futa user to pay you because they can transfer the requested amount through other applications, and you will still receive your money. However, for better financial management, it will be advantageous if they pay you directly on Futa via the "Payment Link" option, as the application will automatically reconcile your request with the payment made.

As for the "QR Code" option, your sender should be on Futa and won't need the internet to transfer money to you. In any case, if your sender delays payment, you can remind them by clicking the "Notify" button. This way, you can re-share the link or have them scan your code again: an automatic reminder technique. You can also cancel your request with the "Cancel" button if you change your mind. On their side, your sender can also reject the request in their Futa application if they wish.

Next steps

That's everything you need to know about this innovative feature of Futa. If you haven't tried it yet, start by downloading the application through this link. Plus, you'll receive small gifts every week by participating in the games available in the "Rewards" tab of the application. Feel free to follow us on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about what you can do with Futa. In the meantime, we say, until the next review!