Why the "Rewards" Feature?

Grace Jerolgan - Cofounder of Futa

2/9/20233 min read

On February 06, 2023, Futa launched its new feature called "Rewards". This coincided with its Valentine's Day promotion. However, this is not the main reason why this feature was created. In the About Futa edition, we'll explain why it was created and launched on February 06.

The genesis

The Futa application is designed to make payments easy, fast, secure and accessible to the African population. In November 2022, after 6 months of development, we unveiled the app to the Cameroonian public with two (2) functionalities: Send and receive money. In just 2 months, we exceeded 1,000 downloads and today we're approaching 1,500 users.

To celebrate this, in December 2022 we launched a year-end promotion called: Cash back. And for two (2) weeks, we refunded our users' transaction fees up to 500 F CFA. Prior to this, for our launch in November, we ran a promotion called: Referral Reward, during which we paid our beta users a commission for each new user they invited to the platform.

Participants found these promotions entertaining and lucrative, so we decided to run them more often. It's true that rewarding our users on a regular basis has always been part of our product roadmap. However, doing so in the form of weekly games and challenges was inspired by our users and the fruit of hard teamwork.

The feature in more detail

Rewards is the Futa feature that lets you win money and prizes through games. It's Futa's way of making financial management fun. Every week, there's a challenge to take up. Winners get paid at the end of the challenge. Prizes include cash, personalized gifts and incredible experiences.

There are games to reward users who want to participate in the growth of the community, games for those who are very active, making several transactions a week, games for those who want to learn how to better manage their finances, team games that can be played with friends and family and many more...

We've thought of each and every one of our users, whether they're students, shopkeepers, employees, businesses or unemployed.

We decided to launch this feature this February to declare our love to our current and potential users, not just with words but with deeds too, to put a smile on their faces whether they're in a relationship or single. At the moment, there are two (2) games available:

  • The Referral Bonus: The Valentine's Day Referral to win 200 FCFA per referral.

  • The Champion's Prize: The Valentine's Day Giveaway to win 20,000 FCFA and a Valentine's Day dinner or experience of your choice.

In March, we'll be adding The Rolling Reward to earn cash for a certain number of transactions.

In the coming months, we'll be adding other types of rewards. Expect a different game every week, and by the end of the year you'll have played 10 different Futa games with one incredible prize after another.

How to get the new "Rewards" feature

To access this new feature, simply update the app if you're already on Futa. If not, download it from Google Play Store via this link. We know our iOS friends can't wait to try Futa out for themselves. Very soon, we'll also be available on the Apple Store. In the meantime, keep promoting Futa to your Android friends and family, and keep us going.

We're thrilled to be sharing this journey with you! Keep believing in us and supporting us. We're available on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Twitter. Follow us, like, comment and share our content. Feel free to leave us a message on WhatsApp and a review on Play Store.

We really appreciate it! And last but not least, subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss any of our upcoming reviews. See you soon and happy Valentine's Day in advance! Take care of yourself and your loved ones.